The great London Blow Dry: Test 1 with Amway

I’m working on a commissioned piece and I thought I would give you all the play by play here as I work my way through it. Basically the piece will feature the best of the best in London hair.  I am fascinated by the number of Blow Dry Bars that have popped up in the past three years in the capitol city.  It’s a wonderful thing to be able to pop out of work for lunch and come back a transformed woman.  However, there are so many choices these days that I don’t think any of us know where to start. So I’m doing the dirty work for you.  My first stop was at the Amway Style Bar on Southampton Row. As my offices are right down the street I thought I would stop in closest to home.  This is, after all, a feature on swift makeovers. It doesn’t come much quicker than on your own doorstep!  

So here’s the nitty gritty. It’s twenty-two pounds for a style and you can choose from six different looks. I went for the classic super straight as really you can’t go wrong with this option…

My hair was washed and dried with disposal towels. Products used were all sold in the store and including  shampoo and conditioner, heat protectant spray, a straightening serum and hairspray.

I looked pretty bad going in . I am sure the stylist figured she had her work cut out for her as I hadn’t washed my hair that day and I was in a turbo rush to get in and out the door for an early dinner that evening. I had to go looking my best and I was relying on Amway to seal the deal for me.

Well as you can see from the pics above…I got what I asked for. My hair was so straight I couldn’t believe it. Sadly you can also see the effects of laying out in the sun thus far this summer with the discolouration between roots and ends. Not exactly the healthiest of looking hairs…and I will probably regret posting this picture because of it.  Anyway….moving on. The experience itself was pleasureable. The stylist was nice and I was offered tea or coffee when I entered the in-store salon. I did, however, feel like I was having my hair done by a best mate rather than a hair stylist, which was disappointing. The hair was overloaded with product and had no swing.  Even the Boyfriend asked me to take a shower when I got home as he couldn’t run his fingers through my hair without feeling like he was coming away with a product parting gift.  That’s not a good sign.  I was given some product to take home and try and I will see if it was a simple case of using too much that let me down. I’ll get back to you on that.  I would recommend the Style Bar for a woman that hasn’t had time to do her hair in the morning and needs to look decent for one thing or another but I would hesitate to recommend the bar to anyone who is having their hair styled for a big event. I’m not sure I would put all my faith in Amway for this sort of responsibility.  

Overall review – Five out of ten. Not miserable, not great. 


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