Gelish nails will cause a jealous rage….warning: toe cleavage ahead!

Apparently, I am the first journalist in the UK to try the new Gelish nails concept at Cobella at Selfridges. I was invited to try this new treatment while getting my hair blown out on Saturday and I have to be honest…I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  

This is a new concept in nail colour for both pedicures and manicures. It claims to last three weeks without chipping or dulling! Sounds to me like the perfect vacation pre-departure must have!  As I am headed to the beach again I opted to have the pedicure done so as to test the claims of “no chipping”on your toenails when they are exposed to the elements during summer! I chose a glittery nudish-brown colour as I have a black tie event to attend in a week and this has just the right amount of glamour to see me through the evening!  The whole process took only about half an hour…that’s extreme express.  

I am that person that can never leave the salon with my toes and fingernails perfectly painted.  I always reach in for my keys with wet nails or catch my toenail on the edge of my sandal just before they are dry.  It’s a curse and I’ve never been able to break it…until now! I am proud to say that it is day two of the nail colour and my toenails are still in perfect condition. I can’t get over how shiny they are and how smooth the surface of my nail is. This lasts for three weeks, seriously?!  

Since yesterday morning I’ve been to two lunches and one dinner and for each one I was waxing lyrical about this new miracle development in technology.  Get ready…there was extreme jealousy.  Women’s eyes lit up with green fire and I could see blood boil. How come they weren’t the first to try the new wonder polish…calm, ladies. Get your behinds into the chair now at Selfridges and wow your friends with your everlasting pedicure! It is this summer’s must have treatment and I would suggest booking now as once the word is out on the street there will inevitably be a waiting list! 0207 491 1562

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