FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: My Life on (and off) the Guest List

 Beauty By Benz recommended a handful of her favourite bloggers when she wrote in to suggest her own blog for this feature. One of the first blogs she mentioned was My Life on (and off) the Guest List.  I clicked on the link not really sure what to expect but knowing it had to be something awfully good if Lisa was recommending it.  I wasn’t let down. Let’s see…what’s the best way to describe this blog? Perhaps I should start with the world “envious.”  That’s right, I’m green from head to toe. I’m green with jealousy.  This is a blog about all things fabulous in New York City on the fashion and beauty party circuit. On the first page alone you have a Hugo Boss Party, the opening of Target in East Harlem, the launch or Kroma Beauty and multiple parties at Miami Fashion Week. 

This is what the author(s) of the blog has written in the about me section on the site:

A terminally (it seems) single gal living in NYC. I have oodles of guy friends out of which i think 2 are straight. I seem to be a magnet for gay men. One says it’s becasue I was a gay man in my past life – well damn it, shouldn’t that mean my social life was mostly very good? What happened to now? (I do want to do without the guys with stalker-ish tendancies). 

Anyway, I get to attend quite a few events with friends….friends made while attending these events actually. We all fight together for photos, interviews, etc. but we have a great time with it. This site has become a great outlet for introducing and getting reacquainted with new and old things, products, people, places and enjoying them all.

This is definitely one to keep up with if only to see what you aren’t receiving an invitation to! 

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