FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: Bobo Baroque

Watch out Tavi, there’s a new, better blog out there written by a fifteen year old in Singapore: Bobo Baroque. Lionel is a fashion focused teen. In fact, he’s already been picked up in Singapore as the next big thing.  He’s been featured in Elle Singapore and Harper’s Bazaar Singapore! Why so much recognition? Read his blog and it all becomes clear.  This blog has no hang ups, no attitude. It’s a fifteen year old that is writing about stuff he loves and that “stuff” just happens to be fashion. We should all be so lucky to know exactly what we love and want to do with our lives at 15!  Bobo Baroque is the blog you would get if you threw the  Facehunter, Bryanboy and Susiebubble in a giant blender.  

Here’s why he thought he should be featured:

...I think that my blog should be featured because the blog is very fashion-focused (like how I feel about collections and stuff) but also represents my unique perspectives and pretty personal material (like my inspirations, moodboards, muses, etc), and also gives an insight to the Singapore fashion scene from time to time that the international audience rarely ever gets a glimpse of because the Singapore fashion scene is still pretty new and in need of much support.

I feel that I have an interesting voice and point of view… and I’m very honest and sincere to my readers, and I try to be as objective and unbiased as possible… And I’m hoping that this could hopefully be shared with even more people.

Lionel, I absolutely adore your blog and I wish you every single success in the world.  If you are the future of fashion I’m not so worried about where we are going. May your passion for style continue to influence those around you and may you never lose the innocence you so accurately display with every post. It is refreshing and wonderful! 

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