FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: lalaforfashion.com

Lala For Fashion, written by Olga (AKA Lala), was fabulously refreshing to read.  Lala is one opinionated young lady and she isn’t afraid of voicing her thoughts in a public forum.  She spots the trends and tells readers whether they are ones to keep or toss aside.  In a world where so many fashion journos write to please a publicist or brand manager, this sort of journalism is a breath of fresh air. There’s also some pretty important tips on the site like which free iPhone applications for fashion are worth taking a second glance and which you should steer clear of. 

Lala wrote the following about her blog:

After many years of being obsessed with fashion, I finally started my blog last year. It’s best described as the diary of a fashion escapist and a bargain hunter, which is what I am. I don’t work in the industry and hope to offer my readers an outsider’s perspective and share my appreciation of style!

I often do reviews of celebrity style, High Street finds, trend digest, and much much more.

I don’t know Lala but she sounds like the type of woman every young lady would love to have as a best friend…and reading her blog sort of gives you that window in…

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