FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: Forty Not Out

Today’s recommendation is one that is close to my heart. This is a blog I have been following for a while and frankly I was shocked when she asked if she could be considered for the Daily Blog Recommendations. Her Blog is one of the reasons I continue to read other blogs as it’s daily entertainment value is second to none.   

Forty Not Out is written by the lovely Amanda. She started her blogging with 39 and Counting which you can still read online now. It was her last year in her thirties and she wanted to capture every fashion filled moment for the world to see…and that she did.  I followed her over to the new blog, Forty Not Out, which everyone should be a follower of now!
You have to love her introduction:

If you’re new here because you Googled “forty year old shoe addict mother with too much to say” then hello to you too! Stick around and I’m sure we’ll spend many a happy hour together… especially if you share my shoe addiction. If however you Googled the cricket scores, sorry to disappoint but nothing to see here.

If you aren’t hooked just be reading that then I’m honestly not sure why you read my blog as I like to think it runs along the same stream when it comes to fashion and humour. 

Give Forty Not Out a try. I guarantee you won’t be let down…if even just to read and become absolutely green with jealousy at the great products and pieces that this gal gets to try out on a regular basis. 

I also have to add my own special note here. I’ve had the great pleasure of recently meeting Amanda in person at a party for Net-a-Porter. I am thinking about calling in some specialists to prove that she is really 40 years old…she doesn’t look a day over 29! Life is so unfair!  

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