FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: Three Haute Mamas

When you get an email like this, you can’t ignore it:

We are three friends with a combined 20 plus years in the fashion industry.  We all left our careers to raise our combined 8(!) children, quickly became overwhelmed, quickly lost sight of who we are, quickly regained consciousness and quickly decided..Somethin’s gotta change. Enter: http://threehautemamas.typepad.com/


There’s plenty of fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs that cater to high end fashion, but we are geared more towards those who are intimidated by the high end crowd, and looking for an alternative, a cheeky take on fashion. Admitted non trend setters, we are three friends who have three different opinions, personalities and budgets-something for everyone.  There isn’t a subject we won’t address, nor a shoe we won’t try on. The only hat we don’t wear is a Yankees. Aside from that, I think you will truly enjoy


Christina, Kate + Kimberly

Three haute mamas

My goodness…first of all…they have a combined total of eight kids and still manage to contribute regularly to a blog!? That is impressive and deserves a gold medal from the word go!  That alone was enough for me to want to feature these ladies.  But after reading their blog I knew they deserved a feature for more than just their “go-get-em” attitude towards life. 

Lines like….

“Let’s face it, mamas come in all shapes and sizes.  Right now, you plus size mamas are hitting the jackpot at bloomingdales.com  Super-duper sale……”


“I’ve said it before, I love Gwyneth Paltrow.  I love Goop. And I love Coldplay.  I even love apples. Honestly though, if the girl doesn’t start showing laugh lines, I may stop loving her so much.”

had me rolling on the floor laughing while reading their blog…

The entire site is witty and not at all pretentious. It’s good solid fun with great advice for mothers that aren’t willing to hand in their fashionista card as they walk out of the hospital with their first born child.

Christina, Kate and Kimberely…I wish you all the luck in the world! Your blog is fantastic and I’m proud to call attention to it as the first blog featured on Fashion Foie Gras’ Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation.  

Here’s the site one more time in case you missed it http://threehautemamas.typepad.com/

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