Diptyque present a must have edition to your summer work space

We all know the feeling of coming home from vacation and missing that lovely holiday atmosphere. I’m recovering right now as I write.  I miss the beach and the smell of the open air.  Holidayss really should be endless. Unfortunately, they do have to come to an end and reality sets in as we re-enter the daily grind.

I’ve just discovered something that makes it a little easier to acclimate to everyday life again. My house is already filled with Dipytyque candles. It’s a passion that is neverending and  makes my home a little sweeter.  So when I heard about a new candle that has just been released that is meant to bring your holiday home to the flat I had to jump on it.  Diptyque have actually created a candle that is like nothing they have ever done before. It’s an outdoor/indoor candle which sees the Figuier scent captured in a special rustic earthenware  casing designed by the famed porcelain manufacture Virebent.  This special candle is make entirely by hand and takes nine elaborate steps to create.  Someone was definitely not on holiday to give you the holiday at home candle! Apparently the candle takes you straight to Greece when lit…when you close your eyes that is.  We’re getting some for the office in the hopes that the weeks will feel more like holidays rather than a work days. Don’t quit your day job though as you’ll need it to pay the £170 price tag for the candle.  Just think of it this way, it’s cheaper than an actual holiday to Greece!


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