DHL and Fashion: A match made in heaven, which has produced some interesting results

Have you seen the gowns created by Michael Michalsky and DHL for the “DHL Collection”?  They are absolutely brilliant – see image above! Since 2007, DHL has been a part of fashion weeks around the globe and worked to ensure that all logistical operations run smoothly. DHL has also provided the same service for renowned designer, Michael Michalsky.  So you see…it was only a matter of time before a collaboration would take place between the two! Michalsky has designed an exclusive collection for DHL using material such as wrapping paper, truck tarps and packaging additives.  How fabulous and creative!? I would sport the pieces…even though a rain storm could de detrimental to the garment.  Honestly though, I could easily mistake the gowns above for a Galliano original if there wasn’t giant DHL lettering on the side!

“We are proud to have inspired Michael Michalsky to create this exclusive DHL collection and to have gained him as an advertising partner. This campaign and our repeated involvement in the Berlin Fashion Week not only underscore our competency in fashion logistics but also demonstrate our ability to develop innovative solutions and concepts,” Wolfgang Giehl, Head of Corporate Brand Marketing at Deutsche Post DHL, explains. 


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