Crystal Renn speaks on the Today Show

I have always been a big fan of Crystal Renn. This year, however, things have changed a bit. I think sometimes instead of confronting the controversies out there one should just choose to stay quiet and let it all pass. Because, let’s face it, we all move on and find something else to talk about. We get bored of gossiping about one celeb or public figure and we move on.  

I had already forgotten the whole issue the “Crysal Renn Shrinkage”. Then she pops up on the Today Show this morning to talk about it! To me that just screams fame whore.  I’m sorry but it really does. This was an issue ages ago, the flame had started to go out and someone who thought they were a brilliant PR decided to get the fire burning again they would put Crysal on TV.  Well, it’s worked. I’m here talking about it, aren’t I? Alright, bitch session finished.

To view the video click here.


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