Bedbugs close Hollister in New York City

Hollister‘s 40,000 square foot flagship store in New York City has been closed due to a bedbug infestation. First of all, gross. Now on with the story…

The store was closed yesterday for “maintenance” The Wall Street Journal dug deeper and found that there was no maintenance at all. The store was actually closed because bed bugs were discovered. How they were discovered and how bad the infestation is has yet to be revealed. Bedbugs are a real problem however. You may have read about the great problem with bedbugs back in the 1940s.  In recent years they’ve made a comeback. They prey on humans…they’re blood suckers. They are commonly found in warm places, such as beds, and can often bite you without you even noticing. However, if you do have a reaction to the bites it’s similar to a flea or mosquito bite. These little guys aren’t easy to kill off these days as they seem to have built up a resistance for the pesticides commonly used to kill them. So who knows how long it will take Hollister to open again…NYC may be without the new prized location for some time to come. I certainly wouldn’t want to come home with something I didn’t pay for on my clothing….

And could this be a lawsuit in the making? Americans are famous for their addicition to “suing the pants off each other.” This could get interesting…


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