and Cancer Research UK bring you Fashion Forecast

I have to admit, this is a pretty genius idea. Everyone is talking about the sun and the effect it has on the aging process these days.  A woman’s new best friend is SPF and for some even five minutes of sun on their skin without protection is seen as the greatest of all sins.  For those who aren’t used to worrying so much about protecting themselves from harmful daily rays and Cancer Research UK have teamed up to give you a lesson or two.  The new Fashion Forecast allows you to choose your skin type (and even gives Celebrities as a guide to which type you might be) then asks you to choose your location type and the weather for the day.  After all these elements are put together you are presented with the appropriate attire to wear for coverage.  It also gives you pointers on staying protected. How fab is that? Easy as one, two, three….love it!


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