Abercrombie’s A&F Quarterly First Look July 2010

It takes a lot for the high heeled fashion goose to get excited these days. We thought we had her all calmed down from the last post we did on the announcement of the A&F Quarterly relaunch (Weber’s golden puppies really struck a chord).  Then we receive an email in our henbox with an announcement that would ruffle every feather in the flock….images from the forthcoming magazine and more information on where and when the publication can be purchased!

Without teasing you further here are the the preview pics, which are shot by the world famous photographer Bruce Weber.

The Quarterly will be available at £10 from the flagship London store on the 17th July. It is possible to pre-order now at Abercrombie.com so you can be guaranteed to pick up a copy on 17th July between 11am and 4pm.


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