Why I haven’t been blogging as much as I should have been?

You may have noticed over the past five days that the blog has been a bit empty. I cannot apologize enough for this.  I had a last minute adventure that kept me away from my computer a great deal longer than I thought it would.  While I cannot share the details of this adventure, I can tell you that the city I visited was Memphis, Tennessee.  And what a city it is! I, like an idiot, left my bulky camera at home and was left only with my blackberry for the week.  I captured everything I could (non-fashion so as not to give away why I was there).  But I missed ya’ll every minute I was gone and did feel horribly disconnected from the world. There were fashion stories happening without me knowing and it was damn near uncomfortable for me! Anywho, here’s a pictorial journey of my last five days….My trip started with a stop off in Charlotte to see my mom and dad, who I have missed horribly lately.  It doesn’t matter how fabulous life in London is from one day to the next…my heart is always at home in Charlotte. You can take the girl out of the south but you can’t take the south out of the girl!


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