Tiffany climbs on the tech-train with an iPhone engagement ring application

I’ve always been a big fan of Tiffany. I can’t help myself. My favourite scene of any movie is the scene from Sweet Home Alabama when Reese Witherspoon walks into a lit up Tiffany’s boutique and McDreamy says, “Pick one.”  I mean it doesn’t get any better than that and it could have only happened at Tiffany’s where little blue boxes brighten your life like no other pile of paper can.  

Tiffany have always been very “with it” when it comes to technology so I’m not surprised at all by what I am about to share… Just on the heels of the new iPhone 4G release Tiffany have announced an application which allows you to shop for engagement rings on your phone.  How cool is this…you can actually determine the size of your ring finger from a special tool Tiffany have designed – the first ever for interactive ring sizing!  You can also browse rings available at the store and make appointments to meet with a sales consultant at your local Tiffany’s. It doesn’t get much better…so as soon as you power up the new 4G make sure you include this on your phone…and browse casually next to your boyfriend…you’re not dropping any hints or anything.  (I’m still holding out for the Tiffany’s instore moment…and I do hope your taking notes mr. BF)

Here’s a quick youtube of how the application works:


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