Thank you…it’s something some people don’t say enough

I was raised to believe that you should say thank you as much as possible. We have so much to be thankful for every day and not one moment should ever be taken for granted. So when you have an opportunity it’s nice to show someone you care.  In the world of fashion you have good PRs and you have bad PRs. The good PRs take the time to say thank you.  Even if it’s just a quick email it means the world. If it’s a note to means even more and if it’s a note with a bouquet of flowers I am floored.  So today, I am floored.  I’ve just received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and a note from The Outnet.  I’ve had so much fun writing about their sales, their new items and their bargain basement prices that it has never once seemed like work. Truly they have been nothing but fabulous in helping a humble blogger build up a following.  But to then follow this up with gorgeous flowers (which were wrapped some wonderfully in McQ paper – brilliant) and a personally written note was above and beyond the call of duty.  So, The Outnet,  this is my very public thank you to you not just for the flowers but for the kick ass shopping mecca you have provided for us all. 


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