Should grown women wear Tutus?

Bethenny Franklin recently wore a tutu for her show’s premiere “Bethenny Getting Married” and I couldn’t help but think, should grown women wear tutus?  Of course we all wore a tutu once in our life. Whether you wore a tutu as a young ballerina or when playing dress up and princess with your girlfriends, the garment was a magical piece of clothing that changed everything.  The tutu made you feel girlie and fabulous, as if you could conquer the world at any moment. Then we grew up. We stopped going to ballerina classes and dress up was replaced with make-up to impress the boys at school. Yet some of us didn’t leave the Tutu in our dressing up drawer. Perhaps the most famous woman to sport a tutu was Sarah Jessica Parker in the title sequence for Sex and the City. Let’s remember that Sarah Jessica Parker is in fact still in the body of the thirteen year old girl. She’s petite and perfectly formed and can pull off any outfit at any time. We are not all so blessed. 

I can’t wait to give my daughter her first tutu. It will be a magical moment in time and one that will take me back to the days when I refused to leave the house without my pink tutu.  It’s a piece of clothing every woman should experience as a child.  So if I see a grown woman wearing one around town I’m going to assume you needed a pick me up.  And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t think for a moment that you are making some grand fashion statement. You’re really just taking a vacation from reality.

Let’s look at some women who missed the mark entirely. Burn your tutus ladies….you look horrible and childish in these pics…and not in a good way.

And here are the tutu moments that can stay….


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