Selfridges Summer Sale Madness Begins!

Yesterday Selfridges opened its doors at 8am to begin the summer sale. My alarm was set and my clothes were laid out next to the bed. I had been gearing for this morning for some time.  Well, as fate would have it, my body decided it would rather lay in bed for another hour or two rather than waking up to queue with the masses at Selfridges. Apparently my dedication to shopping isn’t what it used to be.  I did, however, make it to Selfridges yesterday afternoon and it seemed the crowds were still out and about tearing through the stores for the best bargains. 

Everything seemed quire orderly on the ground floor with nice queues, formed by velvet ropes, outside each boutique.  The chaos begins in the shoe department on the second floor! I’ve never seen women grabbing at shoes before like this. Sure, I’ve witnessed the Wedding Dress sale in New York where some women literally use their fists to secure a size 8 Vera Wang for their big day….but there were moments last night when I thought a woman or two might come out of the shoe department with a stiletto firmly stuck in her noggin! 

Move just one floor down, however, and the men’s shoe department was practically empty. The Guccis were nicely lined up on the shelves and gentleman shopped like gentleman, not animals. Perhaps we should all come away with a lesson learned here.

I managed to survive and come home with some lovely party gifts, and a few bruises from bumping into people while trying to make it to that last pair of size 42 Louboutin’s!


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