Ralph Lauren launches 2010 Wimbledon Collection in London Part Two

For those of you just catching up…check out part one here.

Let’s take a step back to the live clinic Ralph Lauren put on with Boris Becker.  Now the reception for this event was tackled with such style and grace, in only a way Ralph Lauren could achieve. Can you imagine anything more perfect that a party to launch Wimbledon that was serving scones with jam and cream, cucumber sandwiches and Pimms to drink?  It’s all the Brit classics!

My partner in crime even took pics of all the women’s exotic shoes at the afternoon and evening event…

So, for the evening it was off to the London flagship Ralph Lauren store where a blue carpet awaited the clickety clack of six inch heels….

One of the most important guests, champagne, was there to greet us at the door… (only kidding…)

All the right people were there….

But every great party must come to an end….

Thank you, Ralph Lauren, for a wonderful event….now off to Wimbledon sporting the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection. After all, it is the only civilized attire on and at the courts.


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