Ralph Lauren launches 2010 Wimbledon Collection in London Part One

Thank goodness for good partners in crime that are willing to attend events on your behalf. Last week I was nearly doubled over in pain at having to turn down an invitation to the brand I worship as if they were a religion themselves…Ralph Lauren.  I say “they” because we all know brands are not clubs with one member and the Ralph Lauren machine is well oiled with incredible individuals that make the name a force to be reckoned with.  Today I speak specifically of the UK press team in London, or one woman in particular, who I will have to thank profusely when I return for inviting Fashion Foie Gras to cover the launch of the Wimbledon 2010 line at Ralph Lauren

This year Ralph Lauren launched the collection in London like it has never done before.  They asked Boris Becker, the three time Wimbledon Champion,  to host a live clinic in which people around the world could ask questions over the internet and watch Boris answer them, tennis racket in hand, in real time on the court.  RL invited us to cover the event live from Dukes Meadows Tennis Court in London.  My partner in crime attended on my behalf and even shot a few photos for me to use.  There was a reception before the event…where I am told “all the beautiful people in London must have been hiding.”  Apparently the guests were covered in Ralph. Oh happy day, I can’t imagine a happier room than one in which everyone has a closet full of RL.  It’s how the world should be! 

At 4pm my PIC took his seat behind Boris and watched as the world participated in a one on one coaching event with the tennis legend.  I’ve tried to match the outfits that our host and Boris Becker wore at the event as best I could with the USA Ralph Lauren website:

Needless to say, they looked fantastic. I will be posting a full selection of photos of the Wimbledon as soon as I hear back from the PR…as I stupidly deleted the email with the look book…yes, I do make horrible mistakes more often than not! But until then, complete the RL look with the items I’ve featured above!

The clinic was a great success and it seems everyone was pleased with the advice that Boris handed out to viewers.  If you missed the Live Clinic, you can re-watch the entire broadcast here

I’m waiting for pics from the party at the Bond Street location later that night…here’s a teaser – the invite!


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