Primark finds inspiration in collections from leading designers

Today I played “Secret Squirrel” and fought the crowds at Primark to do a little investigative journalism.  

So many of you have written and shared stories of your adventures in Primark and various reasons why you will never return.  It seems like for every person that shops in Primark there is another person that will never set foot in the shop!  Well, I braved the elements and wondered around the two- level store to snap pics of particular pieces with my blackberry.  The more time I spent wandering from rack to rack I couldn’t help but notice how many items seemed to be closely influenced by today’s top designers including Chanel, J Brand, Fendi, Mulberry, Mark Fast, Miu Miu and more. And the crazy part….all these “designed influenced” pieces are all under £10 – which is only a fraction of the price of the genuine article. Here’s a visual guide of my morning in Primark…a comparison of Primark and the designers that “move” them. You will be able to tell, instantly, that designer pieces are designer for a reason….quality cannot be replaced or replicated!!


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