Other People’s Love Letters….This is a book I must own

I’m a sap. It’s true. A big, ole sap. I can’t help myself. So when I’m out looking for fashion books and I come across a gem like this I have to share with the world because I think there might be other fashion addicts out there that have a sappy side as well. Plus, who can forget the book that Carrie Bradshaw was reading in the Sex and the City the Movie. Remember? The one with all the great love letters from great men?  Well what’s better than that, right?  I’ve found it.  Love letters from real people in everyday situations.  It’s called Other People’s Love Letters. I only had a chance to flip through it in a bookstore and I kid you not…I cried. It’s a beautiful display of human emotion. I’ve ordered a copy on Amazon and I think it’s carried at most bookstores…I’d highly recommend picking it up. Here’s just a quick look at what’s inside to give you a teaser.

Ok sappy time over…back to smashing the hell out of fashion!!!!


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