New Designer Alert: House of Rena…

You know how much I love a first find…so when I opened the email from House of Rena, about five minutes ago, I was already writing this blog post in my head as I flipped through the very first look book from the newly founded brand.  I need to learn to control these sudden urges to scream designer’s names from the rooftops so that I may compose a better post. So here’s my wholehearted attempt at writing a post while trying to contain my excitement for the House of Rena.  

The first collection for House of Rena was developed by sister duo Reem and Natalya Kanj.  They focused on created a line of dresses for powerful women worthy of wearing Hollywood starlet gowns.  What does this look like exactly….bliss….aka simple cuts with carefully placed embellishments. They truly embrace the concept that the women wears the dress, not the reverse.  The cuts are such that any female form will be flattered.  It is quite a debut for the pair.  

Print journalists, get in touch with these gals now…you’ll want to get the exclusive now…

Contact info-

Tel: +44 (0)78 725 788 25


OK, that’s enough….I can’t hold it in anymore.  Here’s the look book….


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