Naomi Campbell’s balding head is big news today

Poor Naomi.  Karma truly is a bitch. Seems all those stressful outbursts have taken their toll on her appearance. Naomi was photographed yesterday in New York during a professional photoshoot and the cameraman couldn’t believe his luck when he examined the photos up close later.  He discovered a paparazzi’s gold mine – some serious lack of hair on the left side of Naomi’s head.  

Baldness at 40 for a woman seems awfully young.  But when you’ve had a high flying life like Naomi the signs of pre-mature aging come with the territory. It’s a shame it happens to women who depend on their looks to keep food on the table.  It’s been a tough year for Naomi and I’m sure this doesn’t help things.  I suggest a few months out of the limelight, cabin in the woods, no weaves and surrendering of blackberry and iphone! 


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