Mignon Faget Mourning Jewelry to raise money for wildlife affected by recent oil spill

The LA Times Blog reported this morning on a collection of jewelry designed by Mignon Faget, which is raising money for the wildlife injured in the recent catastrophic oil spill.  It is an interesting idea in which to show support for the cause.  Certainly wearing such pieces will remind those around you of the horrific conditions in which some animals exist currently due to the accidental spill. You might remember we wrote a piece earlier this year about Dawn Soap and their initiative in assisting animals involved in oil spills. We have a soft spot, here at FFG, for wildlife and these situations are devastating for any animal involved. Every cent can help make a difference in saving lives of seals, otters, pelicans, seagulls and fish.  The proceeds from Mignon Faget’s jewelry sales go to The Coaltion to Restore Coastal Louisiana, which not only specializes in assisting animal life harmed in an oil spill but also in cleaning up the coast line from the substance devastation.  

According to the LA Times, this is not the first time Mignon Faget’s talent has assisted in disaster relief.  After Hurricane Katrina, she raised over $150,000 for the Louisana Cultural Economy Foundation to help renew the artistic community in New Orleans. Thank you Mignon for using your talent to make a difference.


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