Michael Kors opens a store in Paris

Good news for the French…Michael Kors is coming back to town. Many remember when Michael was the toast of the town back in his days as a designer for Celine in Paris. And it’s about time for his triumphant return. What better way to do that than to open a 7,000 square foot flagship store on the Rue Saint-Honoré?  Look for the store to open this time next year. It’s being kitted out by the best in the business with all original fixtures and furniture. This will be Kors’ biggest store to date! We’ll look forward to the opening! Congrats, Michael…

Just a reminder – it seems as if the Americans are taking over in France. You will remember only a few months ago we reported on Ralph Lauren opening a new flagship store in the city centre.  Paris is looking more attractive by the day!

Source: WWD


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