Maybelline to launch a brand, MNY, for the youth of Europe

Maybelline is rolling out a brand new line which will cater specifically for women aged 15- 25 with all products priced at below €4. “Lower priced, fast paced and color drenched, the cosmetics collection is aimed at a generation of young women used to finding out about products through haul videos, street fashion and beauty blogs, rather than via magazines and TV shows” reportsWWD.  

The new collection is already available in stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will arrive on the shelves of Superdrug, in the UK, later this year. It’s main selling point seems to be the daring, eye-popping colours that only the youth in this world can pull off! It’s surprising that there is still room for new cosmetic brands.  I already feel overwhelmed by the dozens of choices available to consumers….now more?  Well it’s a good thing I’m not the one making decisions as analyztes estimate that the new brand could bring in over $30 million this year. I’m looking forward to getting up close and personal with the products in the UK soon! 


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