Madonna’s Louis Vuitton Ads Before and After Photoshop

I know I go on and on about how photoshop has changed everything but I do it for a reason. I can remember a time when we weren’t photoshopping….or perhaps just a time when the photoshopping was kept to a minimum. However, looking at what I am about to reveal herewith I officially think we have gone way too far and I am happy that these pictures were released. It is important to take a step out of the glossy world and be faced with reality every once and a while.  

I can’t imagine raising a daughter today in a world where reality is blurred constantly for those who ever read magazines, watch movies or walk down a city street and take in advertisement after advertisement of perfect bodies…that aren’t perfect because they aren’t actually real.  So without further ado… here are the images I promised of Madonna.

Here are the Louis Vuitton ads you will remember seeing everywhere last season:

And now or the pictures that were actually shot on the day. They have not been touched. This is the REAL Madonna and you know what, people?  She looks good for a woman of her age! So why did Louis Vuitton tart her up with computer tricks to make her look thirty years younger? And, why did she let them go this far? What must her own daughter think?


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