Madonna’s daughter, Lola, starts a fashion blog to launch Material Girl

The new line by Madonna and her daughter, Lola, will be launching at Macy’s this fall. To hype the new brand Lola has started her very own fashion blog for the Material Girl Collection

In her first entry Lola shares a few little tidbits with us including the following:

“I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 in October, so I can’t wait for that because I am FINALLY allowed to dye my hair… THANK YOU MOTHER!! My favvvv color is black (just because it goes with everything) and my least favorite color is brown (because it resembles the color of something QUITE gross).”

“I am totally obsessivo about 80’s shorts…”

“OK but no joke gladiator sandals are OUT. “

An interesting start. It’s like an already famous Tavi.  I prefer Tavi. 


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