Fashion’s World Cup Fever on Twitter

I don’t think anyone could have predicted how into football the fashion followers of the world actually are. If you spent any time on Twitter this afternoon it would have all become clear.

Here were some of our favourite tweets of the day:

“This better be a draw, or there will be no more work visas for UK photographers, models, stylists and other creatives :)”


“Only 12 minutes to start. I’ve just planted 2 England flags in my window boxes!”


“Of course they have TVs at Milk Studios. Passed by just in time to see USA’s goal!”


“Crappy goal but a goal is a goal #USA #Worldcup”




“Roons, tis the ball that needs to go in the net…not you.”


“God! Does Rooney need glasses?”


“PS…The Streets in LDN are like a ghost town!!! IT’s like the streets in 28 days later!”


“And not the bit I particularly enjoy…the swapping of the shirts…a moment to appreciate the find physiques of both teams! LOL!”


“I feel like I’m have a twin peaks experience – suddenly all the fashion people are talking about sports.”

…And they seem to be very knowledgeable. Has everyone been sneaking home to watch sports centre all this time?”



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