Cynthia Rowley Surf Shop hits Montauk

Headed to the Hamptons this weekend? Make sure and stop in to the newly popped up Cynthia Rowley shop at 696 Montauk Highway…next door to the Memory Motel.  It’s a tiny 800-square-foot boutique but it’s jammed packed with all things Rowley which include clothes, handbags, sunglasses, towels, gardening tools and even the new Cynthia Rowley for Roxy Collection!

“I just wanted a tiny, little shop that would be more relaxed than the rest of the Hamptons,” she said. “I love that it’s right next to the Memory Motel, which is a cool place to hang out and listen to music. We’re planning some shows there with my friends’ bands over the summer.”

Rowley continued, “We wanted to be respectful of the chill, rustic vibe of Montauk, where there are no chains….There are no Starbucks and no McDonald’s.”

If you are headed down there do take some pics for us! We’d love to feature them!

Source for image and info: WWD


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