Concorde Jet to fly again…show me the amenities bags!!!

So, the news today is that the Concorde Jet will be back up and running on time for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. But what the stylistas will want to know is if it will still be running for the 2012 September fashion weeks as this will mean a significant saving of time for those of us flying from London to New York or New York to Paris!

$22 million has thus far been invested to return the Concorde to its former glory and it looks like we will all once again be given the option of a short and luxurious flight plan.   But will people be getting on the flight? Or, is the crash of 2000 that killed 113 people just a little too fresh in our minds to board the timesaver once again? Let us not forget, however, that the crash was not the only reason that the Concorde was retired in 2003.  Several factors played a part in shutting down the service including, amongst other things, the economic troubles of the world which made the Concorde flight a little too pricey for most pocketbooks. 

If the Concorde does start flying once again I want to see what the amenities bags look like! Can you imagine? I’m predicting some incredible collaborations here!!!!


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