Because their daily fashion choice signifies our freedom…a belated post

Day in and day out I write about clothing. I write about the newest trends and must have material goods. Although my life may seem like it is wrapped around everything that happens in fashion, I do have a family that really means more to me than any Vivienne Westwood Dress or Alexander Wang Bag.  

This is a post I should have done on Monday but I didn’t quite know how to write it. When I was sent this Youtube video from American Airlines I found the words I had been searching for as my eyes filled with tears watching this advertisement.  

I have three brothers who have given their lives to the United States Navy. They attended the United States Naval Academy for college and graduated to become Officers in the Navy.  My path led me to London and their paths led them to places and things that I will never know about or understand. We are scattered to all ends of the earth now but there isn’t one night that I go to sleep without thinking of them and wishing with all that I am that they are safe and kept from harm’s way.  The uniforms they wear, along with every other serviceman, whether it be Army, Navy or Air Force, are making a fashion statement that I myself was not brave enough to make. They protect our country, they keep us safe and they sacrifice so much to give us the freedom to make choices every day that we take for granted. So I’m taking five minutes of your time and mine to use this forum to say “Thank You.” Thank you not only to my brothers but to every single person that wears their uniform with pride. Let us never forget what they have done, and do, for us.


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