Toast Autumn/Winter 2010 Press Day…a feast for the eyes and soul

Yesterday was an absolutely manic day of press show after press show. Some are less exciting than others (the less exciting you won’t read about on this blog) and others are displays that will stay with you forever. The winner of this season’s most creative display, without a shadow of a doubt, goes to Toast. I was on the verge of crashing completely when I arrived on their doorstep. My feet hurt from running around town. My head hurt from too many flashes going off constantly at each venue and I was grumpy and hungry. Haha. Poor Toast had no idea what kind of train wreck they were getting through their front door! However, after walking through the front door my day instantly changed. I was greeted by a smiling PR who was genuinely excited to take me around the exhibition. I say “exhibition” and not “show” because this was not your average press day. This was an art exhibit.  The view took place in a painter’s studio near Soho. Toast took over the entire space and transformed two floors into a clothing mecca. Only they didn’t just hang their clothes on racks and invite you to thumb through the wears. They created a real life winter  atmosphere for you to experience complete with snow, teepees, graffiti covered painters’ walls and a mock-cabin to display the new menswear line. There was even a heavenly buffet of food for those stopping by for on the run lunches. Unfortunately I was in such a rush I didn’t get to indulge.

But now down to the clothes. Toast presents a fabulous line up for A/W 2010. They stick with their androgynous styling for woman but provide the essential touches of feminity with their vintage-like dresses. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…but let your legs do the walking come September…straight to Toast!

Thank you, Toast, for allowing me to participate in a wonderful adventure for the afternoon…


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