Starbucks Discoveries host of night of creativity

Earlier this week I had the great pleasure in attending a night out for writers hosted by Starbucks Discoveries. What I thought was going to be a simple launch of their new chilled Lattes was actually an entire event catered to the writing talents present. The event took place in the gardens of Number 16 in South Kensington on the first beautiful summer’s evening we have had in London this year. It was perfectly timed with mother nature! Starbucks Discoveries had invited some of London’s most talented online writers to the event in including Cate from Bitchbuzz, Deborah from Metropolitan Mum, Nneoma from Twentyteneightyfour, Fi from Saveourshoes, and Kaz from Stylemywardrobe. We all had a chance to sample the new products…although I must admit that in my morning madness on Monday I had seen the products on the shelf in Sainsbury’s and grabbed one in a rush for caffeine as I didn’t have time to stop for a quick coffee in the shop. I am now hooked on the Caramel Flavour and the dork that I am, I now have a six pack chilling in my fridge. With lines at Starbucks being as they are at the moment this is my one surefire way to get my fix every morning. These little gems mean big trouble for me as I am already a coffee addict and having this stuff readily available is problematic! 

Now I must admit that I was a bad party attendee. I arrived late on the scene, an hour late to be exact. I know, I need to have my wrist slapped. I will be apologizing to Anna for this for years to come. I thought it was a “stop and see” event. And now I feel horrible. Especially as I walked in on the middle of a discussion about Romantic Novels….Mills and Boon Romantic Novels to be exact. 

Starbucks Discoveries had invited Heidi Rice to speak with us at the event. I will confess that I wouldn’t be seen anywhere, not even in my own bedroom, reading these sorts of novels as the covers are just miserable. Aren’t we over the whole oily open shirt Fabio look? My whole life I have thought that women who read these novels do so to escape reality because they lack love and romance in their own lives. But, after hearing Heidi Rice speak about her writing I was intrigued. First of all, I fell in love with her! She is amazing and anyone that has to write a thousand times in one book about male anatomy and find clever ways to describe it is someone you have to have respect for. That’s not an everyday job, folks. We were given a run of the books in our goody bags so I will slipcover my book and read it on Primrose Hill this weekend and pray someone doesn’t read over my shoulder about a “throbbing member.”

Things got really interesting when it was announced we would be playing a game of “consequences” to get our creative writing juices flowing. This was absolutely hilarious! Such good fun with amazing women. For all you writers out there, there is actually a day and evening workshop you can sign up for that is focused on helping you complete any writing you may need to do…whether it be for a book, blog, article, screenplay or a letter home to your home…this seems to be THE place in London to get it done. It’s called The Urban Writers Retreat. Definitely check it out.

A big thank you to Starbucks Discoveries for a jolly evening!

All pictures © Iain Buchanan 


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