Sex and The City 2 Wardrobe Budget exceeded $10 million

In Touch Weekly is reporting that the Sex and The City 2 Wardrobe comes in with a price tag of $10 million! Hello, dream closet…Here’s what the magazine had to say on the topic:

With the glitzy backdrop of Abu Dhabi and 41 costume changes for Carrie Bradshaw – including pieces by designers like Halston, the late Alexander McQueen and Pucci – it’s no surprise that stylist-to-the-stars Phillip Bloch, who was on the set, estimates the Sex and the City 2 wardrobe budget at a whopping $10 million! “Some of these pieces cost more than an SUV,” he says. “But they get better mileage!”

Fans will not be disappointed with the pricey accessories and stunning designs worn by Carrie and her pals. SATC stylist Patricia Field – who Sarah Jessica Parker calls “indispensable” – worked her wardrobe magic again, flawlessly mixing high- and low-end pieces for stylishly innovative looks sure to set trends across the globe. “When you’re in a recession, you want to have a good time!” says Field. As if we weren’t envious enough of the clothes already, Kristin Davis reveals that the actresses get to keep their wardrobes! “We’re really careful though, because they’re often one-of-a-kind samples from the runways,” she says. “So we don’t eat in them!”

The Scottish Daily Record also spoke to Sarah Jessica Parker about the wardrobe for the film and she had the following to say:

Also back for the sequel and equally as influential, albeit behind the scenes and in charge of the wardrobe, is Patricia Field.

From the first episode in 1998, she created the distinctive style of the show and made Carrie a fashion icon.

Sarah believes the stylist is crucial to the programme’s success. She said: “Pat Field is indispensable. We could not tell the story without her – period.

“Pat has a specific iconic role in the city that is real. She has a historical place in fashion that is now real. She has a sensibility that nobody else has.

“You can argue with it and not always agree with her aesthetic but it is unique and her own. It suits these women. It especially suits my character. There are hits and misses but she loves it.

“She’s really good at telling the story with clothes.”

Sarah, who recently took up an executive position with a US fashion house, says Patricia’s eye for style is a natural talent – and the clothes in the new film are like nothing they have worn before.

She said: “Innerwear as outerwear and thrift store to old vintage, to important archive pieces, to literally right off the runway – it’s all part of her lexicon because it’s who she really is.

She doesn’t have to struggle to find that. The colours and silhouettes are completely different.

“The lengths of clothing are different than they’ve been in the past.”


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