Saturday Spoilings: Prada, Tea with Biotherm and Dress Fitting at Two Birds

Some days a girl just needs a day to rest. I can’t remember the last time I had one of those days. However, you will never ever hear me complain about it because I get to do absolutely fantastic things on my weekends that I still have to pinch myself about sometimes. Take Saturday for example…

I started my day out in Knightsbridge checking out the shops…and one does not really shop until they’ve stopped into their local Prada to check out the action. So down Sloane Street I went and in love with Prada I fell, for about the fiftieth time in my life.

Prada’s patterns for Spring are out of this world fantastic. The 1950’s style garden frocks with the updated knotted belts make me want to scream out for more credit cards! A word of warning ladies. Do not take your boyfriends to Prada. This is not a look they seem to like. In fact my BF more or less made it clear he wouldn’t be seen in public with me if I purchased the flats shown above. But since when do we buy for our boyfriends? These flats will be mine, of yes, they will be mine!

After I was finished with my Saturday morning retail therapy I made my way over to Oxford Circus. How anyone shops on Oxford Street I have no clue. There are so many people trying to pound the pavement that the whole experience of shopping is made miserable and chaotic. This is no way to shop for one’s closet! So uncivilized, darling. 

My next stop was anything but uncivilized. I had been invited by Biotherm and Handpicked Media to tea at the Langham Hotel. Goodbye chaos and hello decadence!

The best of the best for beauty bloggers were present in the room when I entered. It was somewhat intimidating actually having all of these women in one room. There were about a dozen and I imagine there was more knowledge of the current beauty industry in that very room than there is in some major cosmetic boardrooms. These women know everything about every brand out there. And who’s the smart brand that put them all in one room….none other than Biotherm. Now I have to be honest with you from the start. I have never used Biotherm products. Of course I have heard of the brand before and have always heard positive comments but have never marched myself into a department store to pick up a bottle for trial. So it was good to be invited on a Saturday afternoon to meet with the PRs and experiment with the products.  

Now let’s just get one thing out of the way…the food was to die for. Thanks to Biotherm I now have to run the equivalent of a marathon to burn off the cakes in time for my black tie Monte Carlo event next weekend!  But just look at the pics…would you be able to resist those little sugary sweet charms? And the second little bit of housekeeping goes out to whoever heads up L’Oreal Luxury Products division…a word to the wise…do absolutely everything you can to keep hold of your current PR ladies! These women are fabulous! I won’t name names on the blog but I will say that it is such a pleasure to meet women who love speaking about the products they represent. This is very important for beauty products. You can always tell if something is the real deal by how genuine the PRs are…and these ladies know they have a genuine product that they want the whole world to know about. Their enthusiasm was unparalleled and it was a joy to spend an afternoon talking shop with them…

So on to what products we tried out. I’ll give you a quick run through of some of my favourites on the day:

1. Oil Therapy – Baume Corps intensive body treatment which combines three precious oils – Musk Rose, Passion Flower and Apricot. You can only imagine how good this smells. Honestly, walk into a shop and smell this. If you don’t love it I’ll send you a bottle of your favourite lotion instead. No woman can resist this gorgeous scent. And it’s an oil based lotion so it’s the ultimate in moisture. 

2. Source Therapie Superactiv pure spa concentrate skin perfector – Again, scent is amazing…are you noticing a theme here? The claim is that you will glow after using this product. I used it on my face for the first time last night and I must say that I woke up with a “fresh face” rather than the usual hungover slump cheek feeling I’ve been having as of late. The active ingredients include Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton (whoa!), Regenerating oligo-mineral complex, PCA salts, micronized pearlescents, etc. Sounds pretty fab, eh? I’ll keep you up to date on how the face progresses with this beauty by my side! 

3.  Aquasource Non Stop Oligo Thermal Gel Intense Moisturisation for Normal to Combination Skin – First, a tiny story. I’m sitting at a table with four other gorgeous women and one of the Biotherm specialists comes around to test our faces for moisture, oil and elasticity. Well ladies, there were women at the table five years younger and ten years older than me…and my face was in the worst shape of the lot! So when the specialist suggested I try the Aquasource non stop, I listened…and I will be using this until I can go back and get the test score I want! My skin needs mass hydration and this jar will give it me with “all the benefits of 5,000 litres of spa water concentrated in a single jar.” Yep, that sounds like it will do the trick! (and did I mention yet that it smells amazing…I thought my boyfriend was going to inhale my face last night!).

A big thank you to Biotherm and Handpicked Media. It was a delightful afternoon with fantastic products and amazing treats! xoxo

I was sad to have to leave the event early but I had to be in Notting Hill for a dress fitting at Two Birds. You might remember I wrote about their ingenious idea for a Bridesmaid Dress a couple of weeks ago. I feel in love with the concept and since wedding bells might be ringing for me in the not too distant future I thought I would go and check out the dresses in person.

The London fitting rooms are in the basement of a shabby chic furniture shop in Notting Hill. What a perfect combo, right? A bride to be wants to be comfortable and relaxed as she watches her anxious bridesmaids try on their gowns for the big event. Only the wonderful thing about two birds is that the whole dress process is delightful because the dresses are money well spent and will be worn over and over again!

The lovely dress fitter, Alexia, walked me through all the different ways you could wear the dress. There was a gorgeous full length mirror to admire yourself in…and trust me, this dress gives you plenty of reasons to admire yourself! I am partial to the one shoulder look myself. I’ll scan some pics and put them up so you can see what I mean. In the meantime, I shot a few blackberry photos of the atmosphere above. How wonderful is it that you can just tie these bad boys up and throw them in a bag? If any of my future bridesmaids are reading this now…you guys are going to be very happy with your dresses! Two Birds is the only way to go if you are having a wedding my lovelies! I had hoped to have a dress fitted for an upcoming event…the only downside to Two Birds is the ordering time of 8-10 weeks. Sad, but beauty takes time.

After wondering down through Portobello Road I popped into some designer vintage shops and picked up a few old Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses from the 70s, a gorgeous vintage Gucci belt and a Christian Dior brooch.  

All in all, it was a good day!


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