Rag & Bone at Bluebird / Swatch & Art at Shunt, London

Last night was a busy night for me and the boyfriend as we scurried around town from the Kings Road to London Bridge and back again! The night started out with the Rag & Bone Pop Up Shop launch party in Chelsea at The Shop at Bluebird. We finally have America’s finest designer duo from Rag&Bone, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, over on these shores! The party was rocking, the clothes were out of this world and our wallets are a lot lighter by the time we left the shop.  If you haven’t been down to the Shop at Bluebird before we would highly recommend it. Rag & Bone is excuse enough to make the journey to Chelsea! Keep in mind that this is only a pop up shop and it will cease to exist on the 31st of May. However, we have our fingers crossed that Marcus and David will fall in love with the Kings Road and open a shop of their own in the very near future!

So next stop, Shunt in London Bridge for the Swatch & Art Launch Party. The invites were a cool Tube pass with a map of the interior exhibition…very hip! And the wristbands for the party were Swatch watches (orange for the plebs and super black for the hip VIPs). It was definitely an interesting setup. Anyone that has ever been to Shunt before knows it is sort of a dungeon atmosphere – cold, damp and old. It’s definitely a very cool scene for a launch party. Each passage was transformed by one of the artists participating in the collective and the final passage was where DJ Jameela Jamil was throwing down in her gorgeous asymmetrical dress. In case you are wondering what the Swatch and Art Launch is all about, here’s the downlow:

Four carefully chosen artists and fashion designers, whose output collectively cuts across and combines wildly different mediums and disciplines, have worked closely with Swatch to successfully realise their individual designs for the 2010 SWATCH & ART Collection.

Fashion label Cassette Playa (aka Carri Munden) from London, and artists Ivan Navarro from New York, Enki Bilal from France and Manish Arora from India have each converged their unique aesthetic with the pioneering spirit of Swatch for this exciting project. 

 We’ll be honest and admit that we are more chunky gold watch people rather than Swatch wearers but we love a good Art project and the display for the night was pretty amazing. We especially loved the airplane passage – a set up of the inside of airplane with a large movie screen up front. We grabbed the first class seats immediately and relaxed with our bubbly in hand. You put on a good show, Swatch.


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