QVC Autumn Winter 2010 Press Day

 I already know what most of you are thinking after reading that title. What the hell is going on at QVC that you would find Fashion Foie Gras writing about? Well, open your minds, ladies. QVC ain’t the home shopping channel it used to be. In fact I’m not loving it for the home shopping at all because frankly I think shopping from home is the most ridiculous concept on the planet. You watch TV at home and you leave home to shop, end of! The alternative to leaving home to shop is shopping online. And the good news is that you can watch “good” television while you shop from your laptop. That being said – thank goodness QVC is online now. This is not the same company it was 40 years ago. Regardless of what it is today, if I had to watch television to buy it I wouldn’t even be talking about it. But online shopping is a concept I put my full weight behind.

So let’s talk about why QVC is different today. First of all, they are no longer only selling kitchen gadgets, horrible CZ jewelry and tent dresses or workout pants. Although they do still have their share of cheesy items to sift through, they also have some hidden gems. Their beauty section is pretty incredible with brands like Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Jemma Kidd, Philosophy and Smashbox available online. Their accessories lineup is starting to look impressive with B. Makowsky and Lulu Guinness on board. Even their jewelry section is a hit with Butler and Wilson, Disney Couture, Joseph Esposito and Kenneth Jay Lane displaying pieces. Unfortunately, their womenswear still needs a lot of help. I wish I could say differently but it just isn’t cutting it. With so many other online retailers that are on the cutting edge of fashion QVC still seems about a decade behind. I was flipping through the products available online today and their isn’t one item of clothing I would wear.  Although, not all is lost.  

At their press day, yesterday, QVC presented a few pieces that show they are moving in the right direction with fashion with some chic dresses paired with chunky jewelry that may attract new youthful followers in the Autumn season. The jewelry line is “kick ass” (quoted from a friend…as this is what she said when I shared the images) and will definitely have me logging in come August.  Here are a few snapshots of the highlights:

Thanks to QVC for including me on the day!


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