One dress for a whole red carpet season?

Yes, fashion followers, it is possible. I ran into this company at the Modus Press Day a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been itching to get my hands on a dress ever since! Originally Two Birds was set up as a solution to the horrible Bridesmaids dress dilemma…as in have you ever had a bridesmaid dress that you’ve kept and worn again? I certainly haven’t! When I think of bridesmaid dresses my stomach goes into knots and the only word that comes to mind is catastrophe! Ariane Goldman, the founder of Two Birds decided enough was enough when it came to investing in horrible dress after horrible dress that would never ever be worn again. In case you aren’t familiar with this phenomenon of the ghastly bridesmaid dress…let me remind you of what we go through from a popular movie, “27 dresses”…This is the closet of the star…it’s full of all the hideous dresses she had to wear as a bridesmaid…(below)

Wow, that just brings back all sorts of horrible memories of writing check after check for the chance to have “fashion victim” written all over myself for an evening. Ariane Goldman, if you were here I would hug you right now. I simply love your dress. But I am getting ahead of myself now and you, dear reader, have no idea what I am talking about yet. Well, the time has come to fill you in. Ariane Goldman, of Two Birds, has given us one dress that can achieve 15 different looks (or more if you are really creative).  It’s similar to the infinity dresses we’ve seen from Norma Kalami or Donna Karan, but its a snip of the price at£200. If you are stateside you will have probably seen a dozen weddings by now with the Two Birds dresses staring back at you as they have been a huge success in the U.S. The good news for the UK – Two Birds opened a branch in January of this year on Kensington Park Road. It is well worth a visit to the shop. The sales associates are heavenly and the whole experience will just make the idea of a wedding so much more of a joy instead of a task list!

The dress itself requires absolutely no alterations and is available in two lengths (80cm, below the knee and 1m, full-length), two sizes (4-14 and 16-24) and countless colours. Every one of your bridesmaids, from short to tall, skinny to plump, fashion victim or fashionista, will fit perfectly into this simple dress.

However, I’m getting ready to purchase one of these little bad boys for my red carpet season, not a wedding! I’m attempting to live on a budget for the next few months so I’m scaling back a bit on Saturday Shopping Sprees with American Express at my side. But a girl has standards. I can’t go out in the same dress for every opening of an envelope! So you see, the Two Birds dress couldn’t come at a better time! Just to prove that this is THE dress to have in your closet right now, here are some ways in which you can turn the dress into a celebrity red carpet replica:

(click to enlarge)


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