NUDE Advanced Probiotic Skincare…turns out it’s not just for your tummy

NUDE Advanced Probiotic Skincare! You may not have heard of it yet but you will and as far as we know this is the first brand of its kind.  You will, however, certainly know the two people behind the creation of the brand – Bryan Meehan (founder of Fresh and Wild stores in the UK) and Ali Hewson (wife of U2 frontman Bono). Bryan really said it best when describing why they started the new skincare line:

“10 years ago I was working at Fresh and Wild and I noticed my customers would buy organic food and keep a healthy active lifestyle, but then they would head to Space NK to buy skincare made with chemicals. Knowing that 70% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, I asked them why, and the overwhelming response was that they felt natural skincare would not deliver results or tackle their anti-ageing concerns. I wanted to create a range of skincare where women wouldn’t need to compromise on their natural values to achieve powerful results.”

This is not the first time we’ve heard this sermon on skincare and truly you can’t argue with it. When you spend so much time keeping your body free of the chemicals in foods, why would you then pile the chemicals onto your face – the most important, front and centre part of your body!

We tried out two products from the NUDE line – The Facial Scrub and The Miracle Mask. Let’s talk cash from the get-go. Up until now you are probably scared thinking this stuff will cost you this and next month’s salary. It seems every great brand going these days feels the need to put a three figure price tag on their merchandise. Well let me take away those fears right now! Nearly everything is under fifty squid and the majority under thirty! Thrilling, n’est pas?

Our second love is the packaging. Hands down this is the best packaging on the market. We are product junkies and proud to admit it and we’re often sold on a product simply because it’s gorgeous. Well that’s why we picked NUDE up. It has this fab matte finish that you want to stroke for hours…no lie. The packing is all nice rounded edge cubes that just look fantastic in our bathroom.

But the bottom line here is that you don’t buy a product for its packaging. You buy something because it works. And NUDE works.  We’re not scientists so we won’t go in to all the boring chemistry talk…if you want that visit the NUDE website as they give you the complete rundown! The only words that really mattered to us were “slowing the ageing process”….yes sir, may I have another?!

It is recommended that you use the facial scrub twice a week and the mask twice a week as well. We’ve gone a bit indulgent with the facial scrub and we’ve been using it every night. That might be why our skin is currently like velvet! The Miracle Mask we’ve been a bit more reserved with but love the results. We’ve actually seen a change in a few noticeable lines on our faces….result, baby!

So we give NUDE the FFG seal of approval! We can’t wait to try everything in the line and get back to you as we do!


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