The new white Blackberry Bold is out of this world hot!

Honestly, why do they always release these things right after we have invested in new Blackberries?! Are we cursed?

Now, of course, we have to forfeit a large sum of cash to upgrade as this is the phone that every fashionista is going to want to get their hands on before September fashion week! Now you might be laughing and wondering why anyone would be so addicted to a little device. If you are laughing you aren’t a die hard lifestyler. Those who jetset,  Blackberry. We are a breed of people that sleep with the device in one hand under our pillow waiting for the vibrations to alert us of any movements in the fashion world. I’ve had blackberries now for six years and have never one minute been without it… there is a reason these little bad boys are nicknamed “crackberries”…they actually are more addictive than illegal narcotics! 


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