Miss America caught in Stripping scandal. Ladies, let this be a lesson to you!

Rima Fakih’s parents must be so proud. In fact, the entire Arab-American community must be beaming. Here the press were going nuts about how far America has come in crowning our first Arab-American Miss America and then this news comes out of hiding: Miss America, of Michigan, was in a stripping contest back home. Not only was she in the contest, she won! She must not have thought, at that point in her life, that one day she would do something like stand on a stage and talk about morals and family values. We’ve all made mistakes in life and done things we wish we hadn’t. But this really is ridiculous. Pictures last a lifetime. They are filed away and brought out whenever your name is mentioned anywhere. We live in a time when nothing is secret. So if you are going to live your life in the spotlight, which is a choice you make, then think about the things you do before you agree to do them. 

We are on team Miss America…take the crown away and give it to the runner up. 

Source: Daily Mail


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