Laura Ashley Autumn Winter 2010 presentation in London

Today I had the great pleasure of attending the Laura Ashley Autumn Winter 2010 Press Show. And when I say “great pleasure” I genuinely mean it. Before I say anything about the brand I’d like to talk a minute about the people behind the brand. Since starting the blog I have met a lot of interesting characters. Some have become friends and others I wish to more or less never see again.  In this business you remember the good souls as there seem to be more bad apples than good these days around the scene. Laura Ashley represents the good. The PRs are enthusiastic, love their brand and are happy to speak to anyone on the fashion food chain about their vision for the future.  A stranger would have thought I was the editor of Vogue, rather than the blogger that I am, by the way they treated me. It didn’t take much but even the warm welcoming smiles and genuine willingness to help were so appreciated from the two lovely ladies on the door to the head PRs upstairs. So Laura Ashley London, I’d just like to say thank you first and foremost! 

Now on to the fashion (thanks for putting up with that mini rant, guys).  

Alright, one more rant. But this is relevant to everything I am about to write about today’s view of the forthcoming line. I must disclose somewhat of a prejudice I had walking into Laura Ashley. I’ll start from the beginning.  Growing up I was a Laura Ashley child.  My mother dressed me daily in dresses either from Laura Ashley or Ralph Lauren.  So, I hold a bit of a soft spot for the brand as they’ve been a part of my life since day one. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve thrown in a snapshot of my past here as proof…I dug out some old photos of me sporting 1980s designs from Laura Ashley herewith. (Family please forgive me for featuring you in this post)..

However, I have never bought Laura Ashley myself. I suppose I had worn it so much as a kid that I only associated my childhood with Laura Ashley and never thought about outfitting myself in their wears as an adult. Now I feel I have completely shortchanged myself here. I was ranting about it at the office when I got back from the Press Day and a colleague of mine mentioned that the clothes seemed a bit dated and she didn’t shop there today because of it.  Well…at this point I whipped out the Nikon and proudly flicked through the pics I had taken at today’s show.  This was no Laura Ashley to simply walk by when it comes to Autumn Winter.  In fact, even my colleague said she would be stopping into the shop when the new line comes out.  

Laura Ashley embrace the trends that have been laid out for the forthcoming season but they do so without entirely abandoning their company history. Florals for the season are still present but they are mixed with exposed zippers, bold geometric shapes and creative metallic detailing.  I fell head over heels for their tweed pencil dress with a beaded v-neck. Gorgeous! They even showcase that lovely pull through belt loop waist cinching trick we are seeing all over town! ( see below)

Laura Ashley have broken out of their shell for the new season. You won’t be disappointed and you certainly should not pass their shop without popping in for a look! 

Here are a few shots from the Press Day which I think accurately reflect the feel of the collection. That being said, however, you really need to feel the quality of the garments to get the full effect…so remember to put a shopping date in your calendar for the fall. Laura Ashley is a must!


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