Fashionair shuttered for the foreseeable future

These is a lesson to be learned here I believe. Creating a site online that requires a great deal of money to keep afloat is not the way forward for fashion. Yes, Fashionair gave us great content but it did little else. Currently there are millions of fashion blogs that give us all the latest info while it’s happening. Twitter provides it even faster. Every morning we, at FFG, tap into over 250 blogs on Google reader and barely ever visit individual websites for content anymore unless it is linked into the blogs themselves. The style or writing by women around the world is all so unique and fantastic that is beats reading “paid for” content on high end websites any day, hands down.

So you may wonder why do sites like work and Fashionair doesn’t? provides a service. It gives us not only interesting articles and news, it also provides the entire online fashion community with both current and ten year archive runway shots from every designer that has put on a show in Milan, New York, Paris or London. That sort of reference material is absolutely imperative for any man or woman writing about fashion.  If Fashionair had perhaps found a way to rival that sort of encyclopedic content then perhaps it too wouldn’t be stalling for time as it searches to find a way to stay alive.

I do hope this isn’t completely the end. Fashionair are just claiming that no new content will be added to the site for a while…so it is still available to visit and one is able to search the archived videos and content. We always did admire the excellent graphics designed for the site…Fashionair…we’ll say a little fashion prayer for you…


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