Diptyque Paris launch the first new fragrance in four years: Vetyverio

Heaven. I’m in heaven. From the minute I walk in the door I am taken away from the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets and I am embraced by a fragrance that can only exist in a utopia that is beyond this world. I’m not just waxing lyrical here, honestly. The new scent from Diptyque, Vetyverio, is out of this world.

Let me try to describe this for you in my own words rather than just taking the text that was provided by the ace PR crew.  Vetyverio is “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” Wait, that’s a line from a deodorant commercial. That surely won’t do. Yet somehow it works. This is why: Vetyverio is a scent that is actually quite masculine but is floral enough to work as a scent for a woman. I believe it actually could be worn by a man or a woman but there is something so deliciously sexy about a woman wearing this scent. It’s like a woman wearing a man’s Rolex watch…it just makes us irresistable. What makes up this gorgeous eua de toilette? Here’s a list that is impressive: mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, ylang ylang, Turkish rose, geranium, vetiver, carrot seed, nutmeg, clove and cedar. Hello, heaven…I believe I have a reservation.

 Alright, that was probably complete rubbish describing this scent but truly it is one you have to experience yourself. You can appreciate that something this fantastically crafted is worth the four year wait. But who are we kidding. Has Diptyque ever brought out a fragrance that everyone did fall over themselves praising?  My house is full of their candles and it might as well be a mock boutique for the brand. It’s isn’t cheap but you feel like you are making an investment when you buy Diptyque.

I can pretty much promise you this is everyone’s cup of tea. I smell, and feel, amazing walking around London whatever the hour may be (and let’s just say that’s useful when it’s a 2am cab ride home from the Ivy Club).


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