Are magazines scared of blogs?

I’ve passed by this advert a dozen times in my glossy reading this month and only just this evening stopped to read what the ad was all about. Frankly, if people are still investing in magazines why do you have to remind us that we are investing in magazines? Surely, if someone has bought your magazine they don’t need to be comforted by the fact that other people are buying them too? It reminds me of that moment in the movie “Dave” when the President says “We’re spending $x million for someone to feel good about a car they’ve already purchased?”

Not to worry, Conde Nast. We’re all still reading your magazines. I still subscribe to over a dozen a month. I’m just not reading your news sections anymore. It’s more about the artwork behind your talented photographers and less about you bringing the news to us. I get my fashion news every morning from the 250 bloggers I follow who have their finger on the pulse. It is time for a change but I think there is a way we can all fit in the world together…


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