Alexander McQueen’s replacement has been named…Sarah Burton

Imagine waking up and finding out that the man you worked closely beside for over a dozen years, in sickness and in health, was found dead in his home after committing suicide. This was the reality that Sarah Burton, Lee McQueen’s right hand woman, was faced with on the morning of February 11th 2010.  Most women I know would have broken down and been unable to continue on. But the strong among us come out on top. Sarah Burton picked herself up and did what was needed. The Paris shows were only days away and she had a collection to present. So, she finished the job that Alexander McQueen had left behind – completing and presenting the Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.  And what a collection it was. It reminded us all of the genius we lost on that freezing cold day in London and also brought our eyes forward to a creative talent that had perhaps been overshadowed by a well known name at the helm of the house. Sarah Burton is the replacement for McQueen that we all anticipated and it’s now been confirmed on WWD. Congrats, Sarah. I have no doubt in my mind that you will make McQueen proud. You are the best woman for the job and we all eagerly await your first presentation in September. Our thoughts are with you and the entire team as you carry on the legacy of a great man.

Vogue reported on the story this morning and had the following quote from Jonathan Akeroyd, president and ceo of Alexander McQueen: “We are delighted that Sarah has agreed to take on the role of creative director. Having worked alongside Lee McQueen for more than 14 years, she has a deep understanding of his vision, which will allow the company to stay true to its core values.”

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