Where did Michelle Obama get that fab flower pendant necklace?

Ever since we saw Michelle Obama sporting this gorgeous necklace at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner we’ve had an intense love affair with the accessories designer line St. Erasmus. Who wouldn’t really? This piece is the outfit. Forget about the dress, the hair, the shoes and the pearly white teeth. Madame Obama is not wearing the necklace, the necklace is wearing Michelle.  Bling, Bling! And the good news is that this is not a one off masterpiece from the designer!

Pieter Erasmus, the South African gentleman behind the couture creations, has put together a whole line of jewelry that we can’t help but drool all over (which probably isn’t so good for the gems).  We aren’t the only ladies who have discovered and fallen in love with Pieter’s work. Ever since Michelle Obama was photographed wearing his necklace the poor man has barely had a moment’s rest! The pieces are in demand around the world and not even their website could initially withstand the hoards of people seeking out the jewels. 

Pieter worked for some of the true greats in fashion including Givenchy, Matthew Williamson and Roberto Cavalli before starting his own line in 2002.  It seems he managed to walk away from the houses with their highlights reel on repeat in his collections. The loud colours remind us of Williamson, the chunky attention grabbing designs are straight from Cavalli and the way in which the colours and large shapes manage to come together in a ladylike fashion is a clear tactic taught by Givenchy. But throw all that we know about fashion out of the window and we’d still go weak in the knees at holding one of these pieces in our paws. 

There is only one test for a great piece of jewelry…the jeans and t-shirt test. Next time you are thinking about buying a statement necklace think of only one thing. Can I wear this necklace with only a v-neck Hanes t-shirt and an old pair of rundown levi’s jeans? Every single piece in the St. Erasmus Collection passes this test with flying colours. And just in case you were thinking that you can’t possibly afford such a fabulous piece for your own collection, we have some good news for you. The collection has a price range of $50 to $1,200. There’s something here for everyone, people!


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