Unfortunately..it’s time for some of us to admit we need a budget!

When the Visa bill came we flinched a little. The next day American Express dropped an envelope into our post box that gave us goosebumps. And on the third day Mastercard arrived which shot pains of regret through our veins. How could we possibly have spent this much money in one month? And how on earth are we now supposed to come up with the money to pay them all off? Our problem is that we hate examining our spending. We love stepping into a shop, throwing down the card and not having to worry about it for 30 days. The problem comes when you do have to worry about it, when the 30 days is up, the creditors come calling and that £700 handbag you bought just three weeks ago looks like it might have to find a new home through eBay.

We want to be good with spending but we also know that it is part of our job to spend money on fashion and luxury (how else would we have anything to say on this blog or give our clients an accurate public relations service?).  It is a necessity to be familiar with the market which you represent. So, corners must be cut in other places so that splurging here and there at Selfridges, Ralph Lauren or Christian Louboutin won’t leave us living and working out of a cardboard box.

Where does one go to find advice on spending? We don’t want to ask our parents because they will just make us feel guilty for spending money on things we don’t need and retell the story of how they had to “walk three miles, uphill in a foot of snow, to get to school and didn’t have expensive Ugg boots to keep their footsies warm or Burberry trenches to keep the snow from seeping through their clothes.” You get the point. We also don’t want to go to an old stuffy accountant that wouldn’t know Prada if it smacked them in the face! So we took to twitter. We asked what was good…what can help us through this rough patch in our lives. The answers we got were interesting, to say the least. But there was one suggestion that came up again and again…a book! Yes, readers, we do actually take the time to do things other than blogging and shopping, which includes reading. We will freely admit it has been a while since we have done so and it felt strange but it’s for a good cause so worth the effort and quiet time. 

Now onto the details: The book is sitting here beside me, speaking to me as I write.  It’s written by a lady who is one of us. She understands that we like the finer things in life and we don’t want a silly thing like money to get in the way of our everyday enjoyment of the world.  The book is tattered and torn now that it has been passed around and it’s part of our tiny but focused library in the office. Ok I’m not going to make you wait any longer….it’s called Bitches on a Budget: Sage advice for Surviving Tough Times in Style.  Let’s go ahead and say, ‘how flipping cool is the title?!’ Well the awesomeness of the book does not end there. The author, Rosalyn Hoffman, is someone who we all now love and adore and we cannot stop singing her praises to anyone that will listen.

Her main message is that you can continue to be fabulous but just be a little more creative in doing so. That way your wallet isn’t crying at the end of every day out.  Quoting from her publicist, “This is one bitch on a budget who can show women everywhere how to save a little money while vowing no coupon clipping, Prada depriving, or latte loathing allowed. A recession-era fashion guru, travel agent, grooming consultant, therapist, sommelier and life coach all rolled into one, Hoffman provides sound advice on so many things. This is the ultimate guide to living a colourful life without going into the red, it’s the “little black dress” for any woman’s bookshelf.”

Guys, this is a must have. We’re not playing games here. We have learned so much and our books is highlighted all to high hell with ideas for improving our quality of life alongside out bank statements! Thank you Rosalyn for giving us a new Fashionista Budget Bible!


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